Mindful Self Compassion Training, facilitated by Dr. Georgina Robinson, a certified School Psychologist, and Zoey Ryan BSc., Health Educator, both are trained Mindful Self Compassion Teachers registered with the Center for Mindful Self Compassion.

Georgina Robinson PhD
Educational Psychologist

“I have experienced through my own personal practice how mindfulness enhances my ability to develop insight into my own patterns of thoughts, emotions and actions, as well as the recognition of the associated bodily sensations I was not aware of previously. MSC added the awareness of the huge role my self-critic played, contributing to anxiety, and how nourishing it is to allow myself to receive kindness and compassion which I previously thought was only appropriate to provide to others. I am eager to share the power of MSC with those who may benefit from this gift of resiliency. “

Zoey Ryan BSc., PCC
Health Educator Life Coach

“When I enrolled in the Mindful Self Compassion Course, I was ready for some personal reflection and rejuvenation. I found that taking the Mindful Self Compassion program enabled me to stop and appreciate life; deepen my mindfulness practice; be less reactive; and to appreciate the notion that ‘we are all in the life together or ‘common humanity’. I feel that my physical, mental and emotional health has improved and I truly feel a deeper enjoyment of and connection with the wonderful people I encounter in my life. I am honoured to be able to share this program with others.”