Zoey Ryan BSc., is a Health Educator and Professional Certified Coach (Life, Leadership and Organizational Development) who has worked in health care and health care management for over 30 years, continually trailblazing the way to support integrative healing, embodied leadership and coaching principles into the mainstream. She started her career as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (BCDNA Registrant 1980 – 2003) and most recently combined her coach training and health background to work as the Program Manager for a Community based health program prior to taking the “Mindful Self Compassion” program herself.

Zoey combines the ‘art and science of coaching’ in a wholistic approach that is grounded in the Core Competencies and Ethics of the International Coach Federation.  While no longer teaching, Zoey is a trained Hatha and Pre Natal Yoga Instructor. Completing the three year process, Zoey is honoured to say that she is now listed as a ‘Trained Teacher’ with the Center for Mindful Self Compassion’.

“Prior to taking the Mindful Self Compassion Program, I had completed many personal development trainings and I was skeptical that I would learn or experience anything new. On the contrary, I found that taking the MSC program enabled me to deepen my mindfulness practice,; be less reactive; to appreciate the notion that ‘we are all in the life together or ‘common humanity’;  and deepen my sense of life fulfillment. I feel that my physical, mental and emotional health has improved and I truly feel a deeper enjoyment of and connection with the wonderful people I encounter in my life. I am honoured to be able to share this program with others.”